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Why is franchising better than starting your own business?

Franchising is a great idea for the entrepreneurs who need an alternative, instead of building their own business from the ground. Franchising mean using an established business’s name, brand and marketing model as your own.

Unlike starting your own business from the ground, franchising takes less work to do since you already have marketing strategy, brand name and all the necessary business tools. All these tools are provided to you by the franchiser, that will also help you with the marking and promotion of the products, in order to make sure you manage to live up to his expectations and keep up his brand’s good name.

Here are some advantages of the franchising that you should take in consideration:

  1. Lower financial risks, because the investments are lower than the investments need when starting a new business. Also the profit is higher, since the brand it’s already on the market, and it’s already been promoted by the franchiser, so it has better chances to sell.
  2. The opportunity of running a business that has a proven record of success with a good business concept.
  3. An easier system of storing, purchasing and displaying the products.
  4. Access to accumulated business experience and proper proven business managing technique.
  5. Managing a business that has the support of a bigger organization.
  6. Operating under the brand of an already known and established business.
  7. There are no trials and error periods, as when starting a new business.

Franchising is better than starting your own business because it is easier to start up, it need less investment than starting a new business, has a lot more chances of success and comes with a package of advantages and business tools that the franchiser provides you in order to make sure the business is going to succeed.

Franchising means less risk and less investment because when adopting a franchise you have the advantage of the franchise’s trademark, therefore, there will be no costs regarding the establishment and building of the brand. Furthermore, all the ideas , operating technique, marketing and promotional techniques are already tested and ready to be implemented.

Also the franchise has the advantage of being already know on the market, so it should produce a high number of loyal customers.

Franchising often comes with training offers from the franchiser. The franchiser also offers support with the advertising, sales, account management, and more, because he wants to be assured that everything goes well.

Franchising is also more advantageous when it comes to business relationships. These are already established by the franchiser, which makes it easier to manage the communication between the franchisee and the business partners.

In conclusion, franchising is better than starting your own business because it’s a much easier, safer and cheaper solution. When franchising you already have a point of start, a wide-known brand that provides you with a safe, already tested business kit, which makes it easier for you to succeed.

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